Woodcast® Products

Woodcast is a completely non-toxic and perfectly mouldable & remouldable cast material suitable for all casting work. It is manufactured from clean wood and biodegradable plastic and can be moulded without water or rubber gloves.

In addition to being non-toxic and clean, Woodcast is really fast and easy to work with: the heated material moulds easily to any anatomical shape. Say goodbye to uncomfortable casts! Woodcast can be adjusted and re-adjusted over and over again by being heated.

1–2 mm Woodcast can be easily cut both cold and warm. Support and rigidity can be adjusted by layering and combining different Woodcast products.

There is no need to remove the X-ray transparent Woodcast for imaging, which also saves both time and material. Both your patient and the environment say thank you.

Most importantly, Woodcast suits all types of casting work!

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