Woodcast® 4 mm Solid

The strongest Woodcast alternative, yet as easy to mould as thinner Woodcast products.

Suitable for strenghtening thinner orthoses locally or for indications facing heavy strain.

This product is also available with incisions. In order to improve ventilation, the slits in the material can be opened. Get to know the Woodcast 4 mm with incisions >>

Woodcast 4 mm Solid

B1040S | 10 x 40 cm | 20 pcs

Woodcast 4 mm Solid

B1240S | 12,5 x 40 cm | 20 pcs

Technical Details

Woodcast Code Batch Size Color
B1040S 20 pcs 4 mm x 10 cm x 40 cm
B1240S 20 pcs 4 mm x 12,5 cm x 40 cm

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