Woodcast® 2 mm Solid

Light, versatile, but sufficiently strong and sturdy Woodcast material.

Suitable for all kinds of orthoses. Perfect re-mouldability and the ultimate user-comfort!

This product is also available with incisions. In order to improve ventilation, the slits in the material can be opened. Get to know the Woodcast 2 mm with incisions >>

Woodcast 2 mm Solid

C1434S | 14,5 x 34 cm | 20 pcs


Woodcast 2 mm Solid

C1480S | 14,5 x 80 cm | 10 pcs

Technical Details

Woodcast Code Batch Size Color
C1434S 20 pcs 2 mm x 14,5 cm x 34 cm
C1480S 10 kpl 2 mm x 14,5 cm x 80 cm

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