Coloured splints

Woodcast brings some colour to ortoses! In addition to our regular Woodcast products we now have also red, blue, and black splints available.

Offer your patient a possibility to choose the colour of his/her orthosis. Woodcast® Solid splints are now available in four colours:

  1. Natural (natural Woodcast colour)
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Black

The colour pigment used in our coloured splints is suitable for medical use, non-toxic and it does not colour the skin or clothes of the patient. 

Coloured splints are available in all of the Woodcast® Solid products:

  • Woodcast® 2 mm Solid C1434S
  • Woodcast® 2 mm Solid C1480S
  • Woodcast® 4 mm Solid B1040S
  • Woodcast® 4 mm Solid B1240S

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