Woodcast® 2 mm

Light, versatile, and yet adequately strong and sturdy Woodcast material. Suitable for all casting and for treatment of soft tissues. Perfect re-mouldability and the best possible user-comfort!

The flexible and versatile Woodcast 2 mm can be used for treating both fractures and soft tissue injuries (e.g. as braces). It is especially suitable for all upper limb casting, such as angular splints, thumb stabilisers, and treating wrist fractures. 

Woodcast 2 mm is ideal for all kinds of orthoses treating both upper or lower limb sof tissue injuries.

Woodcast 2 mm

C1434 | 14,5 x 34 cm | 20 pcs




Woodcast 2 mm

C1480 | 14,5 x 80 cm | 10 pcs


Woodcast 2 mm Folded

C1480F | 14,5 x 80 cm | 10 pcs

NEW! Coloured splints

Offer your patient a possibility to choose the colour of his/her cast.  In addition to our regular Woodcast products we now have also red, blue, and black splints available.

Read more about the coloured splints >>

Get to know examples for using Woodcast 2 mm:

Technical Details

Woodcast Code Batch Size Color
C1434 20 pcs 2 mm x 14,5 cm x 34 cm
C1480 10 pcs 2 mm x 14,5 cm x 80 cm
C1480F 10 pcs 2 mm x 14,5 cm x 80 cm

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