Coloured splints

Woodcast brings some colour to casting! In addition to our regular Woodcast products we now have also red, blue, and black splints available.

Offer your patient a possibility to choose the colour of his/her orthosis. Woodcast® 2 mm splints are now available in four colours:

  1. Natural (natural Woodcast colour)
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Black

The colour pigment used in our coloured splints is suitable for medical use, non-toxic and it does not colour the skin or clothes of the patient. Coloured splints are best suitable for indications where the splint is not covered completely with bandages.

Coloured splints are available in both of the Woodcast® 2 mm products:

  • Woodcast® 2 mm C1434
  • Woodcast® 2 mm C1480

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