Woodcast® 1 mm Ribbon

A thin, ribbon-like solution that is used mainly with other Woodcast products. It is suitable as it is for finger splints, for example. Extremely easy to mould, to fit even the most challenging anatomical shapes.

The product can be stretched when heated, and it retains its shape as it cools down. This ensures that the brace encasing a limb or a digit does not tighten as it cools down, eliminating the risk of circulatory disorders or other complications.

Woodcast 1 mm Ribbon 

D8750 | 8 cm x 750 cm | 1 pcs

Woodcast 1 mm Ribbon 

D4500 | 4 cm x 500 cm | 1 pcs

Get to know examples for using Woodcast 1 mm Ribbon:

Technical Details

Woodcast Code Batch Size Color
D4500 2 pcs 1 mm x 4 cm x 5 m
D8750 1 pcs 1 mm x 8 cm x 7,5 m

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