Casting steps

Woodcast is extremely easy to use. It is applied slightly differently to regular cast materials, since Woodcast is not rolled, but rather heated and stroked on. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Woodcast can be used to apply sufficiently sturdy casts for all indications. You can always increase the cast’s rigidity by layering on more material, either locally or for the entire splint. Woodcast resists twisting extremely well, which is why Woodcast casts don’t need to be circular.

The thickness of material and shape of the splint vary in Woodcast casts, but certain basic steps are repeated in nearly all indications:

1. Pad the limb according to instructions. Make sure that the splint is not too hot for the patient!

2. If you wish, you can open the slits in the material to improve ventilation. The material will retain its
rigidity as long as you do not open the slits by more than 30% of the maximum, i.e. a full circle.

3. Place the splint on the limb, cut to size and mould it into a snug fit by stroking the splint.

4. Let the splint cool properly and attach with an appropriate bandage.

5. Finish with an appropriate bandage or, for removable applications, with a Velcro fastener.

6. You are done!

PS. Remember, that you can mould your Woodcast splint over and over again by warming them with the Woodcast Express Heating Device. Then you have to make sure that also the padding material is heat-proof!

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