Splints and braces for lower limbs

Woodcast is extremely suitable for lower limb castings. By layering and combining materials you can make a sufficiently sturdy cast for all indications.

General information on lower-limb splints and braces

Position the limb being treated according to the doctor’s instructions. Always take each patient’s unique anatomy and injury into careful consideration.

As a material, Woodcast is sturdy enough to enable placing weight on a leg, presuming the doctor has given permission for it.

No need for a circular cast

Woodcast can be used to apply sufficiently sturdy casts for all indications. You can always increase the cast’s rigidity by layering on more material, either locally or for the entire splint.

Woodcast resists twisting extremely well, which is why Woodcast casts don’t need to be circular.

A partially open cast feels light, comfortable and airy for the patient.


Get to know examples for lower limb splints and braces:

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