Woodcast is a completely non-toxic and perfectly mouldable & remouldable cast material suitable for all casting work. It is manufactured from clean wood and biodegradable plastic and can be moulded without water or rubber gloves.



Thanks to biodegradable Woodcast, you no longer have to suffer from toxic chemicals or the risk of occupational asthma. You can say goodbye to rubber gloves, masks, and ventilation hoods. Pretty cool, huh?

Latest News


New folded splints available!

Folded splints are especially designed for Woodcast® Express A002 Heating Device. The new folded splints fit perfectly in the Woodcast® Express Heating Device without the risk of touching the hot infrared lamp.


Now folded splint assortment:

Woodcast® 2 mm Folded

  • Code: C1480F 
  • Package contains: 10 pcs
  • Size: 2 mm x 14,5 xm x 80 cm

Woodcast® 2 mm Soft Folded

  • Code: F1495F
  • Package contains:10 pcs
  • Size: 2 mm x 14,5 xm x 95 cm – new length!

Woodcast® 4 mm Folded (15 cm)

  • Code: B1580F
  • Package contains: 8 pcs
  • Size: 4 mm x 15 cm x 80 cm

Woodcast® 4 mm Folded (12,5 cm)

  • Code: B1280F
  • Package contains: 8 pcs
  • Size: 4 mm x 12,5 cm x 80 cm

Order new folded splints from your local distributor.

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